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Don’t Let Fear Take Over (by guest Austin Gardner)

You’ve heard the news that no one wants to hear – you have cancer. Feeling scared and overwhelmed is normal,…

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A Look at Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is here, signaling the end of summer and giving laborers a break. Many will take advantage of…

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A couple of sheep standing next to each other.

A Tale of Two Sheep

Miracles happen in the body every day. Among those miracles are the more than 100 billion neurons in the brain….

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A person is smiling in front of a sign.

Praise in Paraguay

Paraguay, South America? What’s in Paraguay? Who goes there? My friend Kathy called me and said, “Let’s sign up.†I…

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A man in uniform standing on top of a snow covered slope.

George on my Mind

I have been surrounded by “George’s†all my life. My Daddy’s name was George, my husband is a George, and…

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Two ice cream cones sitting on top of a table.

Ice Cream Blessings (by guest Tracy Crump)

“Would you like to work with us on weekends this summer?†my grandmother asked. Would I? Yes! Ten dollars every…

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