A sheep is standing in the grass eating.


A blue coffee cup sitting on top of a table.


Two people holding hands in a white room.


A dog with a flower in its mouth.


Two ice cream cones sitting on top of a table.

Ice Cream Blessings (by guest Tracy Crump)

“Would you like to work with us on weekends this summer?†my grandmother asked. Would I? Yes! Ten dollars every…

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A black dog is chewing on some kind of thing

A Dog’s Nose Knows (by guest Christy Hoss)

I have an amazing companion who has saved my life countless times. He is with me 24/7, has black fur,…

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A black sheep peeking over the top of a wooden fence.

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

As I contemplated which sheep lesson to write about, the familiar tune “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep†kept replaying in my…

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A pineapple and some cut up citrus fruits

Lemonade Friendships

Mental Health Awareness Month is about to roll on by, but before it does, let me take a moment to…

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A river with houses on it and mountains in the background.

Rigamarole on the Rhine

Many of you know how much I love to travel. I love seeing new things, walking old paths, envisioning life…

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A plant growing in the middle of a dirt field.

Integrity Matters

Integrity is becoming harder and harder to find and discern. Places we thought would surely exhibit honesty and strong moral…

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