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The Model Of Christianity

Before I joined the ranks of the retired, I was among the 115 million people in the U.S. (2016) who commuted to their place of business every day. My commute was only 13 miles one-way using the shortest and closest route. Unfortunately, it was a busy six-lane highway on which many from out-of-town also used. Highway 280 is considered to be one of the most trafficked highways in the state of Alabama and is a major suburban route in Birmingham. Coming and going each day was challenging and stressful (to put it mildly), especially when an accident or accidents occurred. Truly, one of the most rewarding aspects of retirement has been not to have to commute every day.

However, on this particular summer day while I was still employed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center, the traffic was bumper to bumper. As I inched down 280, I began to take notice of the different makes and models of cars. Hmmm, I thought, a lot of these makes and models remind me of a believer’s walk in Christ. Interesting. And in some cases, the car model was relevant to a non-believer. I decided to humor myself and pass the time by analyzing the different car models. I silently read the names on the backs and sides of passing and stopped vehicles. I could not help but wonder if the Pilot of that car or truck was Accord(ing) to the model he or she drove. Were they a Christian or a non-believer? To what kind of belief system did they ascribe? Did they know how much God loved them?

The more I began to Focus, the more I saw cars with religious references. I pulled out my phone and began recording the makes and models on my voice memo. The Discovery was uncanny; the Fusion between cars and Christ seemed Infiniti. An Avalanche of ideas flooded my mind. Maybe I could write an article someday of my Quest for car models that correlated with the Spirit. Perhaps a blog would be even better!

I noticed a bumper sticker on the back of a truck that read “Real Men Love Jesus.†Certainly the message Fit right in to my car vs. Christianity theme. One might even consider it to be a 4Runner to my fulfilling enlightenment.

From that point forward, my Journey home became more like a PrimeTime Cruze through the Outback, Highlander, and concrete Tundra of Birmingham, Alabama. I was able to Vue my frustrating circumstances including annoying traffic lights and irritated drivers, to Escape the reality of the situation. I was also able to Maxima the voice memo function on my phone which I had never used. My drive home became an Optima of entertainment as I found myself slowing down and speeding up to read car identifiers.

In the process of it all, I envisioned in a Limited sort of way how different car models could be used as a Pathfinder to Escort one into the presence of the Ultima Supreme God. The Sprinter could describe an individual eager to Bolt onto the Frontier of Christianity; the PT Cruiser might Rove over the Range (i.e. Range Rover) for an Unlimited period of time seeking out their Legacy. But then there’s the Ambassador who could serve as a FrontRunner to any or all of them.

Conversely, there are those who Dodge the whole idea of an Imperial Being. They would rather Blaze their own Trail (i.e. Trailblazer) and Ford their own Odyssey. What a Rogue to Mach (mock) the Victorious Crown (Crown Victoria) and Eclipse the Titan of all creation – God.

Of course, there are the lukewarm individuals. The Ranger of these masses lay between either end of the Spectrum.

As the traffic began to pick up pushing me towards my Surburban home, I saw another bumper sticker. This one read “Be the change you wish to see in the world.†Wow! What a perfect message to conclude my afternoon Expedition to Explore(r) an unusual analogy. I felt the bumper sticker summarized the Apex of our goal as Christians on earth. We should be in the business of changing the world to point towards Christ while we have a chance. If it’s Sonata, God needs to Probe our heart.

I hope you enjoyed my Tribute to cars and Christianity.

Karen Allen


  1. Sharon Atwood on June 25, 2021 at 9:56 pm

    I loved all the puns! It was cute.

    • Karen Allen on June 27, 2021 at 4:39 am

      I’m glad you enjoyed my creative side.

  2. J.D. Wininger on July 26, 2021 at 9:45 pm

    I think I need a tow truck to pick me up from the floor I was laughing so hard. While I was down there though, I said a prayer for all those who have yet to Ford the flowing river a God’s love through salvation. Going for extra credit here ya know.

    • Karen Allen on July 27, 2021 at 5:18 am

      I’m sure you could have added a few more models yourself. I’m glad you got a good belly laugh from my obvious boredom on the highway! I’m sure your prayer Electra-fying! 😉

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