Count Your Blessings


This old hymn written by Johnson Oatman takes me back to revival days. Oatman says it’s impossible to be thankful and grumpy at the same time. I agree. I find that counting blessings is a lot more interesting than counting sheep! This section is dedicated to taking a closer look at the hymn and considering the benefits of counting everyday blessings as well as miraculous blessings.

Ewe R Blessed Ministries

Amongst Steeple People (Part 2)

(In the last blog, I started a two-part series about how the church influenced and helped shape my life. Today’s…

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Amongst Steeple People

“Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Open the doors and see all the people.” Remember saying the nursery…

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A Note About Missions

As I settle into seat 35A on the American Airlines flight home from Germany, I reflect upon the week’s activities….

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Grumbling in the Garden

When we moved back to Alabama from Louisiana, my husband and I were excited at the prospect of buying our…

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Consider My Sighing

Have you ever started a prayer with a sigh? You know, the kind of sigh that prepares your mind to…

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The Prayer Chair

Most would call it nothing more than a navy floral wingback chair but it’s more than that to me. The…

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