Count Your Blessings


This old hymn written by Johnson Oatman takes me back to revival days. Oatman says it’s impossible to be thankful and grumpy at the same time. I agree. I find that counting blessings is a lot more interesting than counting sheep! This section is dedicated to taking a closer look at the hymn and considering the benefits of counting everyday blessings as well as miraculous blessings.

Spring into Action

As the thermometer gauge slowly begins to climb and the frost on the ground is no more, it points to…

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Love Thy Enemies

Did you get a little love on Valentine’s Day? Maybe some chocolate, flowers, or a special dinner? I love walking…

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Our Story ~ God’s Glory

Approximately four years ago my friend Sharon and I embarked upon a writing project we knew would be time-consuming and…

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Gifts for a King

My mother has a beautiful set of red velvet-lined Christmas trinkets. One contains gold, one frankincense, and the other myrrh….

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All You Need

Advent has arrived, which means Christmas is not far behind. How I love the bright lights, festive decorations, joyful music,…

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Spiritual Gift Givers

Did you get enough T&D to eat? More importantly, did you take home leftovers to eat later? I hope your…

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