Count Your Blessings


This old hymn written by Johnson Oatman takes me back to revival days. Oatman says it’s impossible to be thankful and grumpy at the same time. I agree. I find that counting blessings is a lot more interesting than counting sheep! This section is dedicated to taking a closer look at the hymn and considering the benefits of counting everyday blessings as well as miraculous blessings.

The Big Reveal

First, let me preface this blog with a disclaimer. There is no hidden agenda, no innuendos, and certainly no miraculous…

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Bring Forth the Blessings

Recently, I embarked on something new. Our devotional book prompted the decision. It was not the only reason, but it…

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Clean Home, Pure Heart

A few months ago, my husband and I embarked on a massive project. We knew it needed to happen one…

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The Many Flavors of “No”

I am not one who likes to say “no.” I am naïve enough to believe that most of us feel…

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God Is There

We know that God has many attributes, and with them comes a name. Jehovah Rapha refers to The Lord our…

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The Big Rock

Holy Week has led us into Good Friday as we move towards Easter. The spring holiday conjures up good times…

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