Count Your Blessings


This old hymn written by Johnson Oatman takes me back to revival days. Oatman says it’s impossible to be thankful and grumpy at the same time. I agree. I find that counting blessings is a lot more interesting than counting sheep! This section is dedicated to taking a closer look at the hymn and considering the benefits of counting everyday blessings as well as miraculous blessings.

Honduras Highlights

Although I am back from my mission trip to Honduras, my body is still recovering. Home Sweet Home has its…

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A Look at Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is here, signaling the end of summer and giving laborers a break. Many will take advantage of…

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A person is smiling in front of a sign.

Praise in Paraguay

Paraguay, South America? What’s in Paraguay? Who goes there? My friend Kathy called me and said, “Let’s sign up.†I…

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A man in uniform standing on top of a snow covered slope.

George on my Mind

I have been surrounded by “George’s†all my life. My Daddy’s name was George, my husband is a George, and…

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A pineapple and some cut up citrus fruits

Lemonade Friendships

Mental Health Awareness Month is about to roll on by, but before it does, let me take a moment to…

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A river with houses on it and mountains in the background.

Rigamarole on the Rhine

Many of you know how much I love to travel. I love seeing new things, walking old paths, envisioning life…

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